Welcome to the art gallery of works by S.A. Smith

Artist's Statement

I am a storyteller. More precisely, I give the viewer visual elements to create a personal journey.

The story is where we came from and gives a solid base from which to venture into the future. The story gives us ethics and teaches how to interact with our society and with the universe. The story is who we are both as an individual and as a group.

Influences from around the world impact all of my work: one will see references to folk tales and mythologies from every continent. No one can live in the western hemisphere and not be touched by disparate cultures from other parts of the world…the western hemisphere is the true melting pot of humanity.

I know my personal story embedded in these works: go and make your own story.

Kitsune, 2009
Constructed Box, Mixed Media
12 X 15 inches

Icarus, 2009
Mixed Media on Paper
15 X 20 inches

All work © S.A. Smith 2019
Kitsune and Oak Tree
Mixed Media

Mixed Media

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Kitsune Debate
Mixed Media